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Aurora Future Focused Fund

Future Focussed

Portfolio snapshot

The portfolio has a specific focus on companies and themes that are working to improve the health of the environment, in sectors such as clean energy, global water, and global timber via select ETF's. This includes exposure to companies that are transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

  • Minimum suggested investment timeframe : 10+ years
  • Risk Factor (1-7 scale): 4
  • Annual fund charges 1.50% + $36 admin fees P.A

This strategy may be suitable for Kiwis who:


A long timeframe to build their retirement savings.

Are wanting...

A higher long-term return potential over a lower and more stable short-term return.

Are keen to...

Help improve the health of the planet through their KiwiSaver Scheme.

Future Focused Pie

Long term asset allocation

69% Growth assets, 31% Income assets. 

Climate and environment

We monitor the climate impact of the investments in the portfolio through carbon metrics. A portion of the portfolio is invested in sectors and themes that are helping to create a healthier environment. Data as at 31 December 2022.


The Temperature Alignment of the portfolio, based on EMMI carbon intensity. 

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The Global Carbon Efficiency Rating, a measure of carbon risk in the portfolio, rated out of 100.

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The MSCI Carbon Intensity Score for the portfolio. This compares with the Benchmark score of 158.

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Performance and current investments

For performance and current holdings, take a look at our fact sheets.

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