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Aurora First Home Buyer Strategy

First Home Buyer Strategy

Portfolio snapshot

The portfolio is actively managed and includes fixed interest, Australasian equities and international equities, property, and cash. The portfolio is biased to investments that support the transition to a low-carbon world and can contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Minimum suggested investment timeframe : 1 year
  • Risk Factor (1-7 scale): 3
  • Annual fund charges 1.04% + $36 admin fees P.A

This strategy may be suitable for Kiwis who:

Plan to make...

a withdrawal in 1 to 3 years to buy their first home.

Are wanting...

more stable short-term returns over potentially higher long-term returns.

Are keen to...

help improve the health of the planet through their KiwiSaver Scheme.

First Home Pie

Long term asset allocation

19% Growth assets, 81% Income assets. 

Climate and environment

We monitor the climate and environment sustainability of the investments in the portfolio through relevant metrics, which can then be compared against broader market indices or 'benchmarks.' The metrics are currently provided for the equity and listed infrastructure components of the portfolio.

Data as at 31 December 2023.


The Temperature Alignment of the portfolio, based on carbon intensity.

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71.9 %

% of sales contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

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Carbon Intensity, in tonnes per $1m of portfolio value, on the equity allocation.

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What the portfolio won't invest in

  • Controversial Weapons
  • Pornography production
  • Tobacco production
  • Nuclear Weapons Components, Systems and Support Services
  • Revenue from the extraction and sale of coal
  • Companies with evidence of fossil fuel reserves

For more information, please read the Aurora Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives.

Performance and current investments

For performance and current holdings, take a look at our fact sheets

Find it here